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Products and solutions
for shopping and entertainment centers

LED solutions for business:
  • attract new customers;
  • encourage to make purchases;
  • cause interest and entertain.
Media facades
Pillars, video balls
Video screens, video floor, video columns

Why are LED technologies needed for a shopping center?


Content broadcast on LED screens attracts new visitors to your shopping center.


70% of all advertising is ordered by tenants, which means that you will return your investment faster.


Ads seen by potential buyers motivate the target audience to make purchases.


You no longer need to order expensive banners and wait for them to be installed. Information changes in seconds.

Why today should choose LED

LED (light-emitting diode) panel manufacturing technology is today perhaps the most perfect source of advertising, which is advantageously different from traditional media: printed banners and televisions:
  • Long service life of LEDs
  • Revolutionarily low energy consumption
  • Unlimited image area
  • The image is visible in sunlight
LED technologies are intensively replacing traditional advertising media in all modern shopping and entertainment centers:
  • 2012 - shopping centers install the first panels;
  • 2015 - replacement of light boxes with LEDs;
  • 2017 - light columns, pillars, media facades begin to be installed.

LED screens – modern replacement of all known media


Replace the usual TVs with LED panels! The service life of LEDs is 4 times longer than the service life of the LCD panel of a TV or monitor. LEDs are more resistant to damage.


It will be more convenient for buyers to use navigation in the form of luminous arrows and signs. Such pointers are more visible, understandable and provide an opportunity to post information in real time.


New LED technologies make it possible to turn any wall of your center into a huge advertising panel, the image of which is visible even with a bright color.


You can once and for all refuse any type of printed banners, signs, banners, roll-ups. Now, instead of a regular picture, a video will be displayed, attracting more visitors.


Remove light boxes and pillars in stores! LED panels arouse much more interest in the target audience and provide an opportunity to more brightly demonstrate the advantages of products.

Quality and service

We carry out a full cycle of work - from the development of an idea to the adjustment of purchased equipment:
  • Concept development and design
  • Selection of optimal components
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Client search and content development


All products are certified and manufactured in Guanzhou Province, China


Our company offers a wide range of after-sales service and additional services


The products we offer are recognized as leaders in the implementation of various LED solutions


All delivered products undergo preliminary inspection. All products are covered by a warranty

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