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Video surveillance
and access control

One of our activities is the supply and installation of equipment for security systems, video surveillance and vehicle access control systems throughout Ukraine. We have specialists with many years of experience who can implement a project of any level of complexity to provide services for the design of any security systems - ACS, video surveillance, vehicle management. We are ready to fulfill your order at any time.

Security systems

Security systems are a set of technical devices designed to ensure safety at the facility. With the help of ACS, they control access to the territory, monitor visitors and employees of the enterprise, remotely manage, limit or block the entrance with devices, keep records of working hours, warn of emergency situations, and protect property from robbery. After installation of ACS, they reduce the security staff or refuse the services of hired security agencies.

Where used
access control?

SKUD is a generalized name of the equipment, so you can choose a configuration for private, state and public facilities. Such systems are used at manufacturing enterprises, financial institutions, educational institutions, bases, metro stations and parking lots.

The variety of ACS equipment depends on the conditions at the facility and the necessary requirements:
  • Access restrictions or blocking devices are turnstiles, gates, gates, entrance doors and barriers with an electronic lock.
  • ID cards with readers are devices with memory that control entry to the territory without the operator's participation.
  • An audio and video system consists of microphones, speakers, cameras and monitors or screens connected together. They provide voice or video communication, recording on an electronic medium.

Autonomous and network SMUs

There are autonomous and network systems.
The first category includes budget equipment with minimal functionality. Such an ACS system is equipped with turnstiles with the simplest information readers, electric locks, and a remote control panel. Audio intercoms also belong to autonomous control systems. They make it possible to monitor the entrance to the territory, remotely open doors or gates, but do not allow to keep automated records of visits, record and store information.
With the help of network ECUs, they monitor the situation online and manage entrance locks, store information about visitors, and keep records of cars entering the territory. If necessary, additional video surveillance cameras can be connected to the network system, it makes it possible to control dozens of gates or doors from one remote control, and to integrate a fire alarm system into the ACS. Communication between equipment is wired or wireless, organized by protocols.

Montage and service

Any security systems are technically complex systems that need to be properly installed and configured. In order for the equipment to perform its tasks and functions, it is necessary to periodically service the ECU. Therefore, it is better to use the services of professionals who will select the complete set, mount the ECU at the facility and monitor the condition of the equipment.

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